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A record of doing a new thing every day in 2011

First Class (321/365) Thursday November 17, 2011

Earlier posts have hinted about this already, but this week my usual Thursday train trip back home from London was in the First Class carriage for the first time.

Although I wasn’t expecting much it was actually great. As soon as I got on I was offered tea or coffee, and then was continually offered drinks for the whole journey - I just had a couple of bottles of water and then succumbed to a nice glass of red wine. There was also dinner on offer, and as I’m still dieting I decided against, but the vegetarian option of goat’s cheese tart sounded OK too.

I wouldn’t pay the extra money for travelling first class - it didn’t get me home any quicker - but as part of the frequent traveller program from East Coast I’ll definitely be doing it again.