Something New Every Day

A record of doing a new thing every day in 2011

South BA Terminal 5 Lounge (309/365) Saturday November 5, 2011

My main excitement of my trip to Seattle for work was getting upgraded to business on the way out.

Travelling companion Neil had already been upgraded, and he kindly pleaded on my behalf that I should be upgraded too as we needed to “work together”. Unbelieveably that worked, and the big benefit - apart from the much better seats - was we could go in the lounge and watch the first half of Newcastle vs. Everton.

The new thing? Well I’d never been in the South Lounge before at Terminal 5. I’d always thought it was for First Class only and so always gone in the North Lounge. Turns out if you go up another level you can get in with the right privileges - a rare event now for me now I’ve lost my Silver Card as I don’t fly as much any more.