Something New Every Day

A record of doing a new thing every day in 2011

Walked to Holy Island (85/365) Saturday March 26, 2011

Yesterday me, Hilary and David (Hilary’s brother) went to a rather chilly Northumberland coast and walked over the sea to Holy Island.

Also known as Lindesfarne, Holy Island was the site of an early Christian community and is only accessible by road over a causeway that gets covered by the sea at high tide. We decided to park up on the mainland and walk the 3 or so miles to the island over the road.

There is a pilgrims route over the sands that is more direct but slightly crazy, the route just marked 20 foot high poles across the beach. There are also the slightly worrying safety stations along the way, which are huts which presumably are above the sea if you get caught by the incoming tide. We decided to take the longer route, although we only thought it was a couple of miles - which meant my dodgy knees were struggling on the walk back.We also had a nice pint in a pub in the village, and despite the biting wind had a really good day out.