Something New Every Day

A record of doing a new thing every day in 2011

Travel Woes == Bus Home (55/365) Thursday February 24, 2011

Thursday night is travel home night, and once again the Kings Cross - Newcastle train was delayed (power failure at Doncaster). I missed my connection to Hexham and would have had to wait over an hour for the last train home, so I decided on a new adventure and tried to find a bus home instead.

I couldn’t find a timetable on my phone so I headed up to Eldon Square and luckily there was a number 10 to Hexham at 10 o’clock. It didn’t really get me home an earlier, but at least I didn’t have to hang about the railway station. I also got to see the delights of Crawcrook late a night too, and found out the bus actually went from outside the  train station so I won’t need to trudge up into town if I do it again.

Not the most exciting new experience, but useful to know what to do if I’m late again - and I will be :-(