Something New Every Day

A record of doing a new thing every day in 2011

Sweden! (198/365) Sunday July 17, 2011

On holiday for 2 weeks so should make it very easy to do new things - which will be a real break for me as well!

We’re in Sweden for the first 4 days of our European Tour, and flew into Stockholm last night via Heathrow. I’ve not been to Sweden at all before, and luckily the clouds cleared just as we passed over the city before landing, so we got a great view of the surrounding lakes and forests.

We got the Arlanda Express train from the airport and the Nordic Sea Hotel where we’re staying is just a couple of minutes from the station. That was a good job as stupidly I left my rucksack on the train, but was near enough to run back and collect it from the conductor who’d found it. Phew! To be fair I’ve been on 4 planes and flew nearly halfway around the world in the last couple of days so it’s reasonably understandable I was a bit out of it - that’s my excuse anyway.

We went for a brief wander around Stockholm City Centre before heading back to the hotel where we had a really nice meal of pasta with grilled halloumi cheese and a glass of expensive wine in the bar.