Something New Every Day

A record of doing a new thing every day in 2011

Windows Phone 7 update of sorts (89/365) Wednesday March 30, 2011

It’s been a mobile phone sort of week, and I’m well behind on my blogging, so I’m going to do a few entries in a row here so I don’t forget what I did. Wednesday I was out again after work, but I knew my phone was ready to be updated - it had alerted me - so I had something new to do when I got home. Hurrah!

Most people have focused on the upcoming “copy and paste” functionality but I can’t say I’v really felt missing out because I don’t have it. However there are the occasional glitches that it would be good to get fixed.

However, it turns out the update was just the pre-update update that updates the update service. That’s a lot of update for no real change :-(

Supposedly the real update will be following soon, but 3 days later there is no sign of it yet. All very disappointing.