Something New Every Day

A record of doing a new thing every day in 2011

WP7 Phone Apps Galore (70/365) Saturday March 12, 2011

Seems like lots of friends are releasing Windows Phone 7 apps right now. I think everyone who’s given WP7 a try really likes it - I much prefer it to my Android phone despite a few limitations. With the deal announced with Nokia seems like there will at least be a future for the platform for a while.

Anyway, I gave my first review on the App Marketplace for my friend Kurt’s app called Blastastic. It’s a simple app that lets you post quickly in one go Twitter, Facebook and Windows Live. It’s really clean and has a great interface. I wrote my first ever review in the app store - the new thing - and gave it 5 stars.

Secondly, Mark’s game called Bubble Wrap Zap also got approved. Basically you pop bubbles like bubble wrap in increasing levels of difficulty. I’ve been seeing this as it’s been worked on and it’s really nice now - and a lot harder than it looks. Great free game, although I just can’‘t do the “three bubbles at once” level :-(

My own Bedside Clock is now at 1461 downloads and growing at a steady 50 downloads a day. Version 2 is being developed on right now, and then I’m thinking I may tackle a game.