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Unbelievable! 363 downloads of phone app in first 4 days (49/365) Friday February 18, 2011

There is a bit of a delay in the reporting at the Windows Phone App Hub so yesterday was the first time I could see the download figures for my Bedside Clock WP7 app.

I would have been happy with double figures for the number of people who’ve downloaded the app - friends at work plus maybe a few random people - so I was truly shocked when I saw the figures for the first 4 days - 363 downloads!

What was even more surprising is how many countries I have users from:

  • Australia       24
  • Austria         10
  • Belgium          4
  • Canada          12
  • France          25
  • Germany         57
  • Hong Kong SAR    4
  • Ireland          2
  • Italy           21
  • Mexico           4
  • New Zealand      1
  • Singapore       11
  • Spain            6
  • Switzerland      3
  • United Kingdom  58
  • United States  121

I’d be really interested in how this compares to other apps, as I can’t believe it’s down to the quality or features of the app. Maybe the ecosystem for Windows Phone 7 is actually viable? Maybe the market for free apps will always be robust? It’s all very interesting!.

It almost makes me think I might actually add some more features to the app - or at least complete the globalization so the very small amount of text is translated to some more languages.

If you do have any more feedback for me, please leave it on the marketplace as I’m happy for everyone to see it, good or bad :-)