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A record of doing a new thing every day in 2011

Standing Ovation? (260/365) Saturday September 17, 2011

We went to the newly refurbished Theatre Royal in Newcastle for the first time on Saturday to see The Madness of King George starring David Haig, who you may recognize from such shows as The Thin Blue Line.

The play was quite good and Mr Haig was excellent, but what really really spoiled it for me was the audience. If you’ve seen the play (or presumably the film which I haven’t), it’s in typical wry Alan Bennett style, but every time - and I mean every time - there was the slightest reference to contemporary history, which is obviously the point of many of the scenes, the people behind me had to make a comment to make sure everyone knew they “got it”.

Inappropriate laughter at the serious bits, laughing loudest when King Lear was quoted to make sure everyone knew they caught the allusion - bloody hell even I know what that play is about and I’m no Shakespeare expert - they couldn’t have been more irritating. The craziest bit was the standing ovation several of them gave as though it was the greatest thing ever. Very strange.

Perhaps it was because it was a Saturday afternoon matinee, but their behaviour really spoilt the whole experience for me and took the shine right off what would have been an fun afternoon.