Something New Every Day

A record of doing a new thing every day in 2011

Metallica (270/365) Tuesday September 27, 2011

We were talking about Metallica at work, and even though somehow I knew “I didn’t really like them” I realised I hadn’t ever properly listened to them, so I went about rectifying that.

I also wanted to try out the new Spotify->Facebook linkage to see how irritating it would be for everyone to have what I listen to inserted somewhere in my timeline.

Now it turns out finding Metallica music on Spotify wasn’t easy at all. Metallica were famous back in the day for bringing a lawsuit against Napster, so maybe a hangover of that attitude meant they still weren’t streaming friendly? Anyway I only found one song on there, a couple of covers, and then “related bands” took me into the world of Megadeath and beyond.

I guess I didn’t mind what I heard - a sure sign of getting old in that somewhat tribal arguments over what type of music you like all seem a bit childish now.