Something New Every Day

A record of doing a new thing every day in 2011

Found way home with least exercise (103/365) Wednesday April 13, 2011

Another in the exciting series of “finding the optimal way home in London” :-)

Now Wednesday was Champions League night in North London, which means a very busy tube. I didn’t want to get even more crushed than usual on the way home but also wanted to get back for the game (even though Spurs had no chance pulling back from 4-0 down against Real Madrid)

I left it late to leave the office, and then figured out the fastest way not going to Seven Sisters must be a new (to me) route of getting the Piccadilly line straight to Manor House, then getting the bus back down Seven Sisters Road to close to the flat. This turned out to be a great plan that involved hardly any walking - a bonus for my dodgy knees - and I got back just before kickoff.

It will also be a great route if it’s wet out, which surprisingly it hasn’t really been since I moved in a few months ago.