Something New Every Day

A record of doing a new thing every day in 2011

Mornington Crescent (67/365) Tuesday March 8, 2011

I was up early as usual on Tuesday, so decided to try getting the bus into work for a change rather than the tube.

From Seven Sisters to Soho there isn’t a direct bus, so my plan was to get one of many buses to Manor House, then get a 29 to Charing Cross Road. 

After I’d bought The Times to read on the way, the first part went well and in 10 minutes I was on the 29. This was an old-skool bendy bus and was already full so I had to stand all of the way. At 7:15 the traffic wasn’t that bad through Finsbury Park and obviously Mornington Crescent, but then it unexpectedly terminated at Warren Street because of supposed congestion in Trafalgar Square.

Luckily I saw a 24 that I knew went my way as I used to get it up into town from my old place in Pimlico, so hopped on that and was soon in Soho. Journey time was around 50 minutes from home to work, whereas on the tube it would probably be 35. Not sure I’ll do it through choice again, but at least I know the alternative when the idiots on the tube go on strike again.