Something New Every Day

A record of doing a new thing every day in 2011

Pub Quiz in Stoke Newington. Cancelled for Love (45/365) Monday February 14, 2011

Yesterday was Valentines Day, but being away from home as usual meant I couldn’t do anything with Hilary (we went out for a lovely Chinese meal at Artisam in Corbridge on Saturday instead).

Mandy had promised me an evening of pub quiz excitement at the Daniel Defoe pub in Stoke Newington, but when we got there they’d cancelled it because they didn’t think anyone would want to do a quiz on Valentines Day. They were wrong.

In any case I had a nice night getting to know potential future team-mates over a couple of beers, so not all was lost.

Stoke Newington seemed even more upmarket than the last time I was there a few years back, although I think I recognized a few places on the walk down.