Something New Every Day

A record of doing a new thing every day in 2011

Flying Scotsman (143/365) Monday May 23, 2011

My usual early morning train down to that London has now been rebranded the “Flying Scotsman”, which is quite good because it’s now non-stop from Newcastle to King’s Cross knocking 15 minutes off the journey.

East Coast Railways were making a big thing of the reusing of the famous name, so arriving at Kings Cross was absolutely mental. There was a full Scottish Pipe Band on the platform (which was definitely new!) and loads of TV crews trying to interview us. Obviously I ignored them as it’s just a train I get every week, and I just wanted to get into work.

The picture is of the certificate we were all given to commemorate us being on the first journey of the new train - now in the bin :-)

Flying Scotsman