Something New Every Day

A record of doing a new thing every day in 2011

Lost my wallet for 15 minutes (97/365) Thursday April 7, 2011

I was heading back to the flat after work and dropped into Tesco to pick up a few bits. However when I got to the self-service checkout to pay, I didn’t have my wallet with me.

I’ve never lost my wallet before, and definitely have never not been able to pay in a shop. Having walked through an extremely busy and pickpocket friendly Piccadilly Circus, I was really worried I’d properly lost all my bank cards, some cash and my train tickets home.

My only hope was somehow it had fallen out in the office, so I rushed back and thankfully it was wedged down the back of one of the chairs I’d been sitting on earlier. Phew!

Not a fun experience, and definitely not one I want to repeat.