Something New Every Day

A record of doing a new thing every day in 2011

Helped Motorcycle Crash Victim Outside Our House (77/365) Friday March 18, 2011

A very sensational headline, which makes it sound much more interesting than it was.

I was working in my home office when there was a big crash outside. Looking out the window I could see someone behind the car of Hilary’s friend Valerie (they’d gone out for lunch). Hard to see what had happened, but I assumed a cyclist had caught the car in some way so thought I’d head out to check.

Turned out it was a motorcyclist who’d somehow just fallen off without hitting anything! Me and another neighbour helped him and his motorbike up, and picked up some broken bits of plastic and glass which were now on the road.

We live on a corner at the bottom of a small hill, so he can’t have been going more than 15mph - the only conclusion is that he just fell off. How embarrassing!