Something New Every Day

A record of doing a new thing every day in 2011

Got some interesting spam (48/365) Thursday February 17, 2011

My work email since I came back after my “sabbatical” is a recycled one from someone with a similar name. It turns out he clearly used his work email for a lot of things as I get loads more spam than I ever have before

Most of the time Exchange catches the dodgy messages, but yesterday one got through into my inbox and it was actually quite intriguing.

It was all in Portuguese from a Brazilian domain so I couldn’t really understand it, but it was clearly some special offer for some sort of unknown food type This provoked much speculation (well chiefly by myself) about what it actually was. Some sort of cheese-based food? A pastie perhaps?

I finally found the right term from the email to search for, and it turns out the yellow thing is a Pamonha - “It is a paste made from fresh corn and milk, boiled wrapped in corn husks” - a Brazilian specialty.

Anyway, I obviously didn’t apply for my 50% off from the email (I can forward to you on request) but at least I learnt something new