Something New Every Day

A record of doing a new thing every day in 2011

Emergency Gas Callout (290/365) Monday October 17, 2011

Something a bit surprising yesterday.

In the morning Hilary had smelt a small gas leak if you put your nose right next to the pipe leading into the fire in the front room, even though it was turned off.

We thought we should phone someone up just to be safe (the new bit), so I called nPower and told them what was happening. As they said, any gas smell however small is an emergency, so surprisingly someone came around in about 20 minutes.

He managed to fix it immediately just by playing with the tap, but he turned off the whole connection to the fire as we never use it, and also replaced the regulator in the meter it was a very old one that went back to the “town gas” era!

A much more exciting day off than expected.