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Tynedale Rugby (239/365) Saturday August 27, 2011

The most senior sports team around here by far is Tynedale Rugby Club, who play in National League Division One (the 3rd level). I’ve been meaning to go and watch them for a while, and with the first game of the season against my mortal enemies of Stourbridge, it seemed a good opportunity to go.

Being used to watching non-league football the atmosphere was quite similar - the crowd was about 250-300 - although much more polite and much less swearing! One big bonus though was you could take your beer outside during the game.

The game was quite decent too. Tynedale took an early lead and looked like they might run up a cricket score, but Stourbridge’s much bigger forwards kept them in the game and in the end it was closer than the final score of 39-24 suggests. A triumph of skill over brawn.

I’ll definitely go again as it was a good way to pass Saturday afternoon taking into account the complete lack of half-decent semi-professional football around here.

Tynedale Rugby