Something New Every Day

A record of doing a new thing every day in 2011

The Great Cement Pile Mystery (308/365) Friday November 4, 2011

Not so much doing something new, but watching something I’ve never seen before all day.

The house across the road have been having lots of building work done, but for most of the day two builders were having to drill into a mysterious 4ft pile of cement that was sitting in the driveway.

It didn’t make any sense, so the only theory we had was that the day before it had been delivered and just dumped, but the heavy overnight rain had somehow made it set solid.

In any case, the builders didn’t seem very happy and they’d already filled a skip worth of drilled out hardened cement by the end of the day with still 2 feet left to go!

It was a bit of a pain having the drilling going on all day when I was working at home, but the entertainment partly made up for it.