Something New Every Day

A record of doing a new thing every day in 2011

I was on Match Of The Day (351/365) Saturday December 17, 2011

We went to the Newcastle v. Swansea game yesterday. It wasn’t a great game - a 0-0 draw despite Newcastle having most of the play - but the highlight of the day turned out to be when we got home and spotted ourselves on Match Of The Day.

I’m sure you saw us too, but in case you missed us it was in the first half when Cabaye hit a free kick from outside the box and it just clipped the bar. Hilary had wanted to sit nearer the pitch than last time we went, so we were just 4 rows back slightly to the left of the goal in the Sir John Hall stand. From the “reverse view” replay you could clearly see me, Hilary and David sitting there when paused on Sky+.

How exciting!