Something New Every Day

A record of doing a new thing every day in 2011

Dinner at the Underground (20/365) Thursday January 20, 2011

On my way home yesterday, I made it to Kings Cross in plenty of time. Since Kings Cross has been done up - well the underground part - it’s a long walk up to mainline station from the tube, and I spotted a “Spanish Cafe” there.

Now this intrigued me, and I really fancied a tortilla bocadillo like I might get in Valencia Airport on my way home from Frank and Josie’s (apologies for aficionados if the actual term is not quite right - it’s potato omelette in a baguette)

Obviously expectations weren’t high as I’ve never had my dinner at an underground station before. However the food was probably even worse than expected, as all they had was the tortilla which was cold and hard, and no baguettes either. A shame really, but I suppose I have to admit Valencia Airport wins this time. Back to a sandwich from WHSmith next time I think :-(