Something New Every Day

A record of doing a new thing every day in 2011

In Car Dining at Burgermaster (316/365) Saturday November 12, 2011

Saturday was our last day in Washington State, and after doing a bit of shopping myself and Mark decided to go and get a burger before going to the airport.

I said I’d never been to a drive through restaurant, so we decided to go to Burgermaster, which is famous in Microsoft circles as being Bill Gates’s favorite place to eat.

It was really old fashioned, as you drive in and park, and then attract the serving staff by leaving your car lights on. There is a big poster of the menu in each parking bay, and when they bring the food it’s on a tray that can clip onto the car window.

The food was pretty good, the veggie burger being OK but the onions and fries were nice. I’m really glad I’ve finally been in as I’ve driven past Burgermaster loads of times in the past. No sign of Bill though :-(