Something New Every Day

A record of doing a new thing every day in 2011

Lunchtime Falafel (349/365) Thursday December 15, 2011

It was my last day in Munich so obviously I had several easy new things but nothing particularly interesting (nothing new there then). So in the spirit of the blog I’ll mention a new lunch place we went to.

Abhishek took me and Andras along to a kebab and falafel takeaway place, where we had some pretty tasty falafel in a pitta bread with some tasty salad and sauces. Nothing particularly fancy, but we’d love something like that in Victoria.

I tried finding it on the map, but other than knowing it was on Rosenheimer Strasse I’m not 100% exactly where it was - hopefully the street view below will give you some idea of the area anyway.

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One other mildly memorable occurrence was Dereck Chisora, the heavyweight contender being on the same Munich-London flight as me. I believe he was in town because of his upcoming fight with a Klitscko in Munich in February, and having seen both of them in the flesh I think he’ll be massively over-matched.