Something New Every Day

A record of doing a new thing every day in 2011

Aldi Fake Mars Bar (142/365) Sunday May 22, 2011

After Hilary’s marathon walk yesterday she was given some Titan chocloate bars by the organiser. We both had one on Sunday as we’d never heard of them, and quite enjoyed them, although they were suspiciously like Mars bars.

A bit of research on Bing and I found this Facebook group page which explained all - they are Aldi’s own brand version chocolates.

Some of the names on there are hilarious:

  • Roar bar = Lion bar
  • Titan = Mars
  • Romeo = Bounty
  • Dreamy = Milky Way
  • Wacko = Rocky
  • Jive = Twix
  • Racers = Snickers
  • Munchers = M&Ms
  • Crunchers = Peanut M&Ms!
  • Dairyfine = Dairy Milk