Something New Every Day

A record of doing a new thing every day in 2011

Iron Duke (222/365) Wednesday August 10, 2011

Despite saying I was going to take a break from the pub for a while, I got tempted out after work for one (had to show some hospitality to Polish colleagues is my excuse).

We ended up in the Iron Duke, a pub on the “Kent” side of Victoria station. I’d never been there before as I’d always tended to go to the “Sussex”” side when heading back to Brighton, and frankly because it looks like a bit of a shithole from the outside entrance.

It was actually not that bad inside, although it was very busy as expected with too many rude business-types pushing their way through as though they’d already got on the train.

At least London felt safe enough to go out again though after the ridiculous disturbances of the last few days.