Something New Every Day

A record of doing a new thing every day in 2011

Making US-style Pancakes (2/365) Sunday January 2, 2011

The one thing I miss most about not travelling so much to the US is my Sunday morning trip to IHOP for pancakes with @sicklemon and fam.

I’ve also been reading “Cooking For Geeks” (@cookingforgeeks and - an excellent book that explains how cooking works, rather than just a list of recipes to follow. Definitely recommended.

Anyway, I decided to try making some US-style pancakes at home - something I haven’t tried before - following the method in the book. The results tasted better than they looked (which is usual for my cooking) so despite the evidence of the picture attached they were not too bad at all.

As the book recommends I need to try further experiments until I perfect my own method. Things I learnt are:

  • Don’t have the pan too hot, as it cooks the pancakes a little too quickly and makes them hard to get right
  • I think a smaller pan with higher sides would have helped too