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A record of doing a new thing every day in 2011

Behind the times (63/365) Friday March 4, 2011

It appears I now have an affliction where if I’m writing any code I have to be listening to music. Not sure when I first noticed it, but I find it very hard now to do anything without putting my headphones on.

In the office that means listening to my Zune. I have an old-school first generation brown one which is still going strong and is great. When working at home I usually listen to my Internet radio, but yesterday I thought I’d get down with the kids and give Spotify a try.

Now clearly for most people in Europe this is not new, as they’ve been wildly successful for a while now, but despite their London office being a couple of floors below ours, I’ve never really used their service. Anyway, it was a reasonable experience, the streaming was good quality and the music catalog was extensive. But you knew all that already :-)