Something New Every Day

A record of doing a new thing every day in 2011

Using application bar in phone app (120/365) Saturday April 30, 2011

Well I thought I was done with my phone app but my v2.0 got rejected because I didn’t have a privacy statement in the app. While pondering where to include this, I decided to rewrite the UX and include an application bar control to hold the different options.

To be honest the hardest part was figuring out what the control was called so I could find the documentation. Once that was done I moved all the controls into a much better place, and the app definitely looks better - you can see the screenshots on the Brave Location website.

I also found out how to load a webpage from your own app too, so all in all a very productive day. The updated version has been resubmitted to the marketplace and hopefully this time will pass the quality bar.