Something New Every Day

A record of doing a new thing every day in 2011

Analysed what you all like (42/365) Friday February 11, 2011

After yesterday’s travel shenanigans, I’ve been too tired to do much except work today, so I’m cracking out an emergency new thing (yes I do have a list)

Not that I’m chasing page views at all, but I’ve been interested to see what people are most interested in reading on here. According to Posterous I’ve been getting a frankly unbelievable average of 381 views per page, but a whole bunch of those must be crawlers as I really don’t think that number of real people are interested in my experiment.

Anyway I’m a data-driven nerd - even more so given my current day job - so I thought I’d categorize each post so far and work out the average page views:

  • Travel: 417 (4 stories)
  • Interesting: 397 (6 stories)
  • Personal: 396 (6 stories)
  • Phone development: 386 (5 stories)
  • Food: 369 (9 stories)
  • Computing: 350 (10 stories)

Slightly surprising that the travel stories take first place, but I guess stories of my everyday computing experiences aren’t that fascinating :-(

The top 5 individual stories so far are:

  • Trying ”No food on plane” anti jet-lag diet (608)
  • I was Higher Than An Eagle (560)
  • Got my own app running on my Windows Phone (532)
  • Switched Sides in the Sausage Sandwich Game (526)
  • Made a flat Swiss Roll (522)

Hmmm. Maybe the true finding here is that the title is everything, and the more interesting the title, the more likely you are to read it. Probably Writing 101 but what do I know? And how will this post affect the stats? And does anyone care??