Something New Every Day

A record of doing a new thing every day in 2011

Home of Metal (171/365) Monday June 20, 2011

There was a brilliant article in the Sunday Times about a new museum “Celebrating music from Birmingham and the Black Country” - So to celebrate my cultural heritage, I spent the whole day listening to the bands featured via Spotify.

Now metal isn’t really my thing, and I’d listened to Led Zeppelin quite a bit before (Robert Plant like me coming from Halesowen of course), but the other ones were less familiar to me.

Black Sabbath were great although I already knew some of the songs I listened to, but Judas Priest were awful despite the fact we have a family connection (my dad lived around the corner and knew Glenn Tipton by being best friends with his brother Gary). Napalm Death are really hard core and I think I saw them live once back in the day, but Godflesh were completely new to me, and pretty good in a miserable way that teenagers like and I think I’ve grown out of.

A fun day to break out of some habits and listen to some new music for a change.