Something New Every Day

A record of doing a new thing every day in 2011

It must be Spring... (65/365) Sunday March 6, 2011

… because I’ve started watching the baseball on MLBTV.

Actually it’s really stretching the something new concept a little as I’ve been watching the New York Mets via t’Internet for several seasons now, but yesterday was the first time I watched a game this year so I’m allowing it ;-)

If you’re not a baseball aficionado, it’s really something you have to invest a lot of time in to get the most out of it. The season is 162 games long, and if your team wins just 90 of those that’s a pretty good season and you’ll probably make the playoffs. That means even in a good season you’ll lose 72 games, so each individual game isn’t so important, but the season ebbs and flows, player’s form comes and goes, so you have to watch the drama unfolding over 6 month season to really appreciate what’s going on. Honest.

I started watching when I spent two summers in New Jersey in the late 80s, and thankfully chose the Mets rather than the damn Yankees as my team. For UK readers, the only vaguely equivalent team I can think of is really Man. City BEFORE the big money takeover - a team and club where anything can happen and usually does.

In the last few seasons we’ve been one pitch away from the World Series, had two unbelievably bad and heartbreaking end of season collapses and the worst run of injuries ever seen. The owners are now embroiled in the Madoff scandal so things aren’t looking good.

However. This is still the pre-season, hope springs eternal, we have a new manager and coach, everybody’s just about recovered from injury so despite all evidence to the contrary I have a good feeling about this season. And if you can’t be confident before the season starts, why bother?