Something New Every Day

A record of doing a new thing every day in 2011

Betting syndicate actually won some money (16/365) Sunday January 16, 2011

Getting a bit lax updating the blog, which probably reflects how it’s actually quite hard to do something new - and vaguely worth writing about each day.

Anyway, yesterday’s new thing was that our “betting syndicate” from work actually made some money after we’d bet on the Birmingham v Villa and Sunderland v Newcastle games. We’d also picked Blackpool to beat the Albion, but despite them taking the lead the Baggies came back to win.

As you can imagine from a bunch of nerds, we do have a system to help us choose our bets - which is obviously top secret ;-) We’ve only just started, and have made a modest profit overall so far on a few investments, but I expect that will change over time.

What I will share is some general findings

  • The odds you find online are more generous that in the betting shops. Not sure why this is, probably because the bookies would rather you opened an online account as well as it being more competitive, but it definitely pays off to wager electronically
  • The draw is often good value - my theory is that punters naturally tend to pick one team or the other, so the bookies will tend to offer less generous odds for the win.